Dash Masternode Payments Information V3
Last update: Sun Jul 21 04:50:06 CEST 2019 (updates every 10 min)
Client Version: 140001       (Please Update to this Version!)
Protocol Version: 70215
Network Hashrate: 3844180.40 GH/s
Last Block: 1107080
Hash: 00000000000000056e3f894ad098b4ea124d56cdf467f6fb7b5356d6e3004153
Last Difficulty: 169346316.35
Average Difficulty (last 288 blocks): 140785396.94
Current Number of Masternodes: 4897
Expected Payment per Masternode: every 8.93 days (4897 blocks)
Exchange Rate (Avg. from top 5 exchanges): 117.88 USD
Average Reward for last Blocks: 3.11 DASH
Average Reward from last Blocks for Miners: 1.55 DASH
Average Reward from last Blocks for Masternodes: 1.55 DASH
Estimated Payment per Masternode: 0.17399 DASH / day
Estimated Payment (Avg. from top 5 exchanges): $ 20.51 / day (18.28 € / day)

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Note: the payment result is computed with the average difficulty from the last 288 blocks
and therefore changes with every block. Payment fees are NOT included!
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